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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

food for thought

ok, here's something to think about. if Jesus died for everybodies sin, then how come everyone isn't saved? does that mean people who die without Jesus then get punished for sins that have already been taken away? or did jesus retrospectivly "un-die" for those sins?


Warwick Tomlinson said...

I think its important to understand that Jesus did us a favour when he died.
God gave us this grace and our job is to pick it up and run with it.

Unfortunately some people feel that they don't want or need the gift of salvation and then they have had a choice and have decided not to take it , to their own detriment.

We, as Christians are partly to blame for this because i don't think we place enough emphasis on the saving of souls and it seems that the statistics on who is saved and who is not seem to be getting away on us, question is, can we bring the statistic back?

I don't think that Jesus can or did 'un-die' i just think that the unsaved don't think that its that big of a deal. Sadly enough.

andrew brown said...

I see your point and I do agree, we do need to focus more on the un-saved, but I bring this up, because I think for a lot of people, nobody thinks of things like this, because to me it seems like a big "error" or contradiction. I'm not trying to do anything other than make people think.

Warwick Tomlinson said...

I understand and agree, but i do think this is one of the details the 'church' should and needs to pick up on. This question and many others like it need to be answered and quickly, because as the time draws near, have we really done enough?

I know we are saved by grace not works but i'd still liked to be welcomed as a 'good and faithful servant.'