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Sunday, August 20, 2006

just thinking

i was just thinking today, this is kind of going to be a bit of a stream of conscienceness kind of thing
i was lying down outside and i was so happy, so content with just lying there
and i was thinking about how the world is full of suffering
and it's unfair that while i can be content, i can't be 100%, only like 99% content, because the christian in me is always there saying 'there are people to be saved' or 'you haven't given God enough time today' and both are true, so it's not like their unresonable
and i was thinking, why is there suffering and sin, why didn't God stop it from happening, wether or not you believe in free will, but why did he set it up so it would happen.
and i was thinking, that there is suffering, but there is a 'solution' which is God, to be saved by Jesus. i was thinking that it's unfair some people are going to not be saved, and that just by being saved, doesn't actually make someone a non-sinner, it just covers their sin, so there in a sense is no difference, between the christian and the non-christian in the sense of having sin in their life. people can't determine where they are born, and so people can't choose to be born into a position that would guarantee salvation, so people aren't necessarily in control of getting saved.
and this is the crux I guess
as we know from revelations, there is to be a new world, I guess some people assume it's Heaven, but that's not directly what the bible says, so everybody is going to be in this new world, that was saved on earth, but what's the difference between someone who was saved and someone who hasn't been? well, as far as I can tell, nothing. is it really to someones credit that they were born into a particular time/place that allowed them to know God? What about Judas, it's a bit unfair on him. What about people born into Saudi Arabia, where converting to Christianity results in the Death Penalty?

I don't know

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Galt-In-Da-Box said...

I used to agonize over that altruistic spiritualist dreck, til I gave up denominational religion and started believing the Bible.
God sent Christ to save you, not blame you for everyone else's "suffering". The fact of the matter is, you deny causality, therefore you cannot completely accept Christ. If choice and freewill play no role in life, if we're all pawns in the game and have no responsibility to believe the Word for ourselves, it logically follows on that line of illogic that you cannot choose to believe Christ (The Word) and be saved.
Acts 16:31, Romans 10:9&10 and John 3:15-20 agree together against such foolishness. You are responsible for what you do with and how you live your own life. You are NOT responsible for how others choose (or fail to choose) to live theirs.