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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

more room for confusion
just some videos, interesting.

I don't want to go and say it's becoming apparent, but the more I look into it, the more and more the bible makes less sense. Sure, every christian based resource points towards the "sense" that the bible is meant to make, but of course it does. it seems that when it's truely questioned, it doesn't stand up. if the only way you can make it stand up to trial is to allow contradictions and explain all abberrations as designed by using all sorts of queer responses, then to me, it doesn't add up.

is the reason we're not truely taught to objectively study and question the bible by the church because it may not stand up? I was told once that by definition the bible needs to be read by someone with the Holy Spirit, otherwise it just won't work, and that God needs to give something the HS, it's not something people can just get.. does questioning the bible make you lose this? I still find the concept of not allowing your faith to be questioned rather weird. I can personally hold the ideal that faith is so precious, that it's actually not strong enough to stand up to question, and because of that fact, you need to make sure it's not questioned, otherwise you'll lose it.

it's like sitting in a box and saying there's nothing outside the box, and to make sure that you're always right, you never allow yourself to open up the box and look outside it, just in case you "realise" you were wrong. of course the box people tell you that there still isn't anything outside the box, if you were to open it and look outside, and they'll say that you're believing a lie when you open your eyes, and use your own brain to determine what there really is, and see other things. how can I deal with this?

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