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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

a prayer

God, if you exist, if you are an individual that can understand my words transcending space-time, if there is a punishment for a lack of obedience, if there is some way I can achieve salvation (or you achieve it on my behalf) then please let me know. Please help me to understand. Right now I don't believe you exist, but if you do, it's in your hands. If I burn in hell, it's your doing, if I do not, maybe that is your doing, or maybe it's no-ones doing. If you have chosen a path for my life, I ask that path does not lead to destruction but to happiness.

Show me you exist if you do.


Damian said...

Hi, I prayed this prayer about two years ago now. That was 14 years after (as a Christian) I decided to look for truth above all else.

If you hear from him tell him to check his messages. ;)

Seriously though. I've discovered that when you view the world with "God-exists" glasses it makes a bit of sense and is strangely comforting. But when you swap them for "God-doesn't-exist" glasses everything seems to come into sharp focus but it can be deeply unsettling for a while.

From one random person to another, how's it going?

Andrew and Alice Brown said...

Hi random ;)

I wouldn't say I view the world through God-doesn't-exist glasses, since right now I'm more agnostic than anything else..

But in saying that, I can still achieve that clarity you mention. For me it's more of a realisation of how the world really is, that this is probably all there is; this is not a life to be "suffered" through until heaven, but as something to be amazed at. Our time here is limited, we need to make the most of it.

Do you know Iain?

- Andrew

Damian said...

Hi Andrew and happy new year.

Yep, agnosticism works for me. I'd now call myself an agnostic atheist in that I don't believe you can ever really know whether there is a god or not but my conclusion is that, for all intents and purposes, there isn't one (further evidence pending of course). Or at least in the traditional sense; I can see how the concept of a 'god' may be a good analogy for a goal for beneficial living or some such.

No, I don't personally know Iain but a guy called Iain has commented on my blog occasionally and I discovered your blog in a round about way via a comment on his blog so I presume we're talking about the same person.

I'm not sure where he's at with all this but I noticed that in the last few months a lot of the side content on his blog changed to indicate a move toward skepticism in general and he began a series on "Things Your Mother Never Told You About Atheism" that never really reached a conclusion.