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Saturday, May 13, 2006

bias opinion a

this has absolutely nothing to do with theology, it's just some thoughts on how society, and humanity (in the west) have changed in 50 odd years.

i've just been reading this post on this board and it cracked me up but it also got me thinking. not really about that in particular though.

in the past the majority of people had similar tastes, i guess that would be the 'evolution' of the fundamental way that our western society/civilisation, from earlier times where money was not as existant and people were forced, out of situations generally out of their reach, to have similar lifestyles. next from an ingrained acceptance of society, from growing up only experiencing it, they carried 'not making different choices to other people' 'genes' through. when i say gene here i mean in a sense where although its not biological, you have it (a behaviour) carried on from parent/s to child. so often people are bought up liking the same things, not so much because they didn't have different tastes, but the whole general concept of people having radically different tastes and it being for the most part acceptable didn't even yet exist.

i'm sure that tv was a giant spark in the whole 'acceptance of different tastes', as people experiencing enjoyment in things that weren't what 'everybody' enjoyed also. slowly people in their own very home, they enjoyed television, not when they were around their friends, but when you were home alone with their family, or even by themselves?

then people would see things happening on tv that didn't happen in real life, so people would then slowly do these things (often is lesser amounts) do this more and more in real life and that would set the new standard for society (over a slow gradient of time) and tv's 'standards' are permanently lower than what is acceptable by general (as in average) population so it's an persistant cycle. and now that a large proportion of the population have access to the internet at home, a portion of those people use it as a fundamental part of their living in this current state of society, and so they will 'hone' their interests (some moreso than others) in more specific sub-aspects.

we now, as a common feature of society, will have people that are indulged into certain activities, who are rarely accepted by 'average' people. but people influence other people, people would co-exist with these people (more often now in a physical location sense) and learn from/teach people different ways of thinking and realisations of different tastes from these people not only from talking but learning also from observation (the brain's primary method of learning, being a basis for all thoughts 'above' it) and it may register something in these people.

and seeing as in *our* society the government in a round about way attempts (as the general goal that the government) to give the majority what they want. back in the day often the majority wanted it the same way, but not so today, a lot lost the passed down 'gene' of wanting to remove minorites (in a global sense), and have just chosen to accept them.

now all of this isn't something that happened suddenly, most of these things happen slowly during overlapping generations. remember there is roughly an average amount of people going through this school year learning habits passed down from older kids every year, so often change in society doesn't happen in bursts as history has previously, as we are taught it, but happens slowly.

then something society get quicker bursts happening in subtle and not so subtle (in the past tense) ways. as far as societies' history goes (as we were taught it) the internet being picked up was particulary quick, because for a lot it has revolutionised everything. 'revolutions' of thought and acceptance happened in the 50's, and that small burst of revolution started something else entirely different but entirely similar in the 60's, which has carried on until now going through changes that have basically completely affected the way all of society is today. which has always been happening of course, but this explosion of population growth that's happened recently (history time scale) has accelerated everything.

and it's hard sitting in this position now to wonder how 'wide' society is going to get before they don't fit together anymore at all. i guess some people would imagine that couldn't happen to our 'glorious' western society but it can and it will, at some stage, maybe not anywhere near our time, but we're experiencing it, it seems some parts of society aren't willing to give up things that the rest of people have now 'know' is not acceptable (ingrained racism etc) as quickly as others and when that lag gets too long big problems are going to happen, and they are, society puts it's pressure on people in different ways, and things that used to be of great value are now undervalued, like staying in marriage for example (wether or not the people were happy, is an unavoidable (as a whole) aspect of society that often happened to people regardless of their own efforts and is due to the 'hand me down' construct of society).

/opinion follows
so the patterns of living the way people were, aren't based from self made choices, they were enabled by their ancestors life experiences. wether we want it or not you have picked up stuff from your parents and every single person around you, wether it be good or bad. and basically, in the past, people got those things from directly above (parents) or from people with similar perspectives on life, but the 'web' of effective people is widening.

whats my point? well, that part is based on my opinion of right and wrong and my opinion of how i think society 'should be'

i spend a lot of time reading an internet forum where most are far more liberal than i have been, has this affected me? hell yes, so much, is it all good? me from the past wouldn't agree but who knows? i can accept being liberal in some ways, but not others.

i guess im personally a bit of an odd liberal, because i believe people should be able to do basically anything, as long as they understand (in a complete sense) all the repurcussions off such an anything. is that even possible to achieve?

i have been allowed

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